Rebuilt Mixers

Rebuilt Mixer

Rebuilding your current mixing equipment can save you money and increase your return on investment. Old, worn out machinery can inflate your operating cost through additional maintenance and repair, as well as utility cost.

At Magna Mixer, we take pride in manufacturing our new equipment for many different industries and apply these standards when rebuilding existing equipment. We offer different degrees of repair, from replacing worn out bearings, seals and shafts to complete remanufacturing of your equipment.

The experts at Magna Mixer can help assist with the evaluation of your mixing needs, rebuilding or remanufacturing of an existing mixer. Magna Mixer can rebuild virtually any make or model horizontal mixer, single or double arm. Mixer Manufacturers we have rebuilt for include: Baker Perkins, Littleford Day (J.H. Day), Jaygo, Aoustin, Readco, Paul O. Abbé and Guittard. (All Registered Trademarks)